Our Policy

ConnectMeCaribbean manages www.connectmecarib.com as a platform for professionals and researchers to share research and creative opportunities as well as tutor services with users in need of such opportunities or services. ConnectMeCaribbean does not profit from the sale or use of information shared by users on www.connectmecarib.com. ConnectMeCaribbean  does not receive payment for any transactions resulting from the use of www.connectmecarib.com and is unable to negotiate or mediate any disputes that may arise from such transactions. ConnectMeCaribbean  can neither verify the qualification of tutors, nor the credibility of professionals or researchers who share opportunities posted on www.connectmecarib.com. All users are responsible for conducting their own verification of  the credibility of opportunities and tutors. If you have any question about this policy please send a message to connectmecarib@gmail.com.