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Mentors are valuable!To have access to someone who provides reliable guidance is priceless and appreciated. Mentors can provide guidance relating to career choices, opportunities to learn and apply new skills, motivation, recommendations, connections to job prospects and inspiration to explore new and progressive paths.

"Mentorship has helped me to garner tenets of wisdom from a more experienced person's point of view. I was able to have more knowledge in completing tasks that I would not have achieved on my own in the short time frame that I did."

"Having a mentor made the introduction to real life experiences easier. I was able to draw on the real life experiences of my mentor thus navigating around certain mistakes he would have made. My mentor also helped to lessen the fear and anxiety of having to venture into the unknown; as I either had the encouragement of my mentor that my feelings were normal and I would be successful, or the advice on how to overcome these feelings."